Tamilnadu State Board


State Board School Examinations and Board of Senior Secondary Examinations, Tamil Nadu

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TSB is Also Known As:

tamilnadu state board of Secondary Education & Tamil Nadu Board of Higher Secondary Education , Chennai

Tamilnadu State Education Board & Board of Senior Secondary Examinations Tamilnadu Has completed two and half decades of its existence in the field of Open Board and Distance Learning, Private Schooling in the school education sector. This journey of tamilnadu state board Counsil Has Very Good great Journey With about More Than 2 and Half million students on its onroll, State Board School Examinations & Board of Higher Secondary Examinations, Tamil Nadu also known as Tamil Nadu State Board Counsil. Tamilnadu state Board is credited to be the largest school Board in the world with significant popularity in the Many countries and in certain other developing countries. tamilnadu state board Counsil has been offering Secondary, Senior Secondary and Vocational Education & training courses through its study centres and Open Basic Education Programme through Accredited Companies.

tamilnadu state board of School Education is Not Only providing N number of courses but also work with many other colleges and institutes to give quality education to the students and imroving distance education system in the country in order to achieve this objective of building an Good learning environment we gather contribution from students and teachers. All These has been Earned due to Full Dedication & support from all Group Members and staff of the Tamilnadu State board.However, There Are So Many Aspects Where We Have to give Attention and these are mentioned below:

  1. The success of tamilnadu state board Mainly depends on satisfaction of Students, Not in The Sence Of Quality Education But Also Learning Faculity. State Board Of School Education tamilnadu & Board of Higher Secondary School Tamilnadu, also known as Tamil Nadu State Board Counsil
  2. The NCF 2005-2006 has posed several challenges & Restrictions of education before all of us, particularly in the school education Area; not only what is to be learnt but also to ensure the effectiveness of the process of learning. It giving more freedom to the Students. Hence, there is a need to revisit the curriculum of tamilnadu state board School Education & Board of Higher Secondary Examinations, Tamil Nadu also known as Tamil Nadu State Board for making Students more and more Trained oriented.
  3. State Board School Education Tamilnadu also known as Tamil Nadu State Board Of Education needs to Concentrate more on those disadvantaged groups of the society. The Course for education of Students Rural Courses & Management Courses has already been started and it is also get benificial for students.
  4. In These Time Periods, Modern Education Plays a Vital Role in the Field Of Education. Among all These Information Technology Is Plays a Game Changer Role for the tamilnadu state board Of Education. A Very Clear Vision & Mision Made By Infomation Technology That is Benificial For Students & Teaching Staff. We Are Looking Forward & Taking All Usefull Steps Toward Quality Education and collaborating with public-private partnership mode of cooperation.Some Of the Information Technology Programms Are Mentioned Below:
    1. Interactive Voice Response system (IVRS)
    2. 24×7 admission facility.
    3. On-line admission
    4. On-Demand Examination System (ODES)
  5. Capacity building of functionaries is an integral part of the ODL system. It is all the more important in the school education sector keeping in view the fact that a large number of personnel are associated with the system for planning, implementation and monitoring of educational programmes. tamilnadu state board School Examinations (Sec.) & Board of Higher Secondary Examinations , Tamil Nadu also known as Tamil Nadu State Board has to develop a comprehensive system to ensure that the capacity building activities becomes an integral component at all levels including the functionaries working under the State Board and State Open Schools (SOSs). We have to make the regular schooling and open schooling system a vibrant agent to meet this challenge of capacity building of ODL functionaries not only at the national level; but also at the international level with support from international agencies like the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and UNESCO.
  6. Tamilnadu state baord is the biggest state board in the world. we are looking forward to enhance and improving education system. we are focusing to provide better education and job oriented prgramms to the students so that they will be able to stand
  7. State Board School Examinations (Sec.) & Board of Higher Secondary Examinations, Tamil Nadu also known as Tamil Nadu State Board is making concerted efforts for development of ODL system, particularly at the school level, by establishing a network of open schools to further strengthen the open schooling movement in country with the support from the Government of India and the State Governments. As envisaged in the XI Plan by the Planning Commission, State Board School Examinations (Sec.) & Board of Higher Secondary Examinations, Tamil Nadu also known as Tamil Nadu State Board, therefore, has to take a lead role in setting up of the State Open Schools in all the states.
  8. tamilnadu state board want to esteblish a good balance between colleges and baord. Our endeavour would be to make the student a good human being and a useful member of the society. In this Area, providing suitable VET to particularly target groups who want to enter the world of work is our priority agenda to be implemented mainly through PPP mode. Societal expectations do not have any limits; however one must strive to make concerted efforts to meet these expectations as far as possible. The ODL system, like that of tamilnadu state board School Examinations & Board of Higher Secondary Examinations. therefore, has to work within the tamilnadu state board parameters of expectations and contributing substantially to the nation’s endeavours for universalisation of school education. Let us join hands for providing appropriate responses to the challenges of education.